Customer Experience

Your experience during a home renovation project is of utmost importance. The finished product will be beautiful, but we want to ensure the process of undergoing a renovation is actually enjoyable.

1. Budget

Staying on budget is one of the most important aspects of a home project. Whether you have loan guidelines to stay within, or are working with a very specific budget, we can help explore all options to maximize your money. By using our project management app, you are able to track your spending while the project is underway, as well as understand the budget guidelines when making selections.

2. Timeline

Finishing a project on time is our goal. We understand you don’t want to live in a construction zone for any longer than you need to. Not to mention, there are carrying costs to a project and that can impact your overall budget. Using our system software, you are able to see the timelines updated in real time as your project is underway. Watch as each task is completed and understand what the next steps are.

3. Communication

Clear communication is key to a smoothly running project. Through our project management app, you can send messages, upload photos, select finishes, view working plans, and stay on top of your project even from a distance.

4. Design

Because we strive to offer our clients a superior design experience, we offer a full service, on-staff design team. Your designer and/or architect will walk you through the entire design process from the creation of plans to the final finishes you choose.

Home remodeling app for project tracking
Customer experience dashboard for home remodel or renovation
before and after of kitchen on seminary ave baltimore

Client Testimonials

“Hired Byrd Design and Build for a bathroom remodel for a rowhouse in Canton (Baltimore), and I was very pleased with their work. The company provided a detailed estimate and did not pressure or “sell” me on selecting them. They also suggested a previous client to vouch for their work. The whole process was very organized, and the team did an excellent job communicating their progress including the use of an app so that everyone involved was aware of updates. The end result was exceptional, and the work exceeded my expectations. Their attention to the small details was impressive. I highly recommend them for any type of house renovations needed.”

“These guys are awesome. I have used them on two of my properties. They did a total rehab of my house in Little Italy and came in under budget compared to multiple other bids. They also have done more modest jobs at my other house in Canton. They are experienced with working both in the city and in the county and I would recommend them for all of your moderate to large sized jobs.”

Get In Touch

If you have a project and need an estimate, we can help! Please feel free to reach out to our team through our website and we will reach back out to you as soon as possible.